List of Avantgardey members’ profiles and popular dance songs.


The dance group that is now a hot topic on TikTok and YouTube

Avant Gardei

appeared on the popular morning variety show Lavit.

Quote: Akanekiku


Their unique movements are creating a buzz among the public.


So this time, we would like to introduce

The standard song of the popular group Avangardi who appeared on Lavit! What is their gender and true face? Did they go to high school in Osaka?

Under the title of

(1) What are the gender and true faces of the members of Avant Gardei?

2) Are the members of Avant Gardie from a high school in Osaka?

Introduction of Avant Gardie’s classic songs

I would like to tell you about these three points.

Then, please go ahead!


What are the genders and true faces of the members of Avangardy?

The public is talking about the intense appearance of the members of Avantgarde, who are active on Tik Tok and Youtube!

So I would like to get to know about the gender and true faces of the members.

I found the following pictures on Instagram.

These are the true faces of the members of Avant Gardie!

They all look so cute!

I also found out that the gender of Avant Gardei members is female!


Are the members of Avangardi from high schools in Osaka?

There are rumors that Avant Garde is composed of members from high schools in Osaka, but what is the truth behind this?

The choreographer, akane, is a graduate of the dance club at Tomigaoka High School in Osaka,

The choreographer, akane, is from the dance club of Tomigaoka High School in Osaka, where he became famous as a choreographer in the past,

I thought that the members might be current high school students of Tomigaoka High School,

However, there is a strong possibility that they are not.

The reason is the difference in the uniforms and the reference blog.


I’m posting a video of Avant Garde’s dance after this.

You can see the comparison,

The designs are different.

I have found out about some of the high schools they went to, so I will post them!

seira→Tomioka Senior High School
mizuho→Tomioka Senior High School
aimu→Tomioka Senior High School
moca→Tomioka Senior High School
aoi→Hyogo Kawanishi Hokuryo High School
kanami→Osaka Shoin High School
macchan→Osaka Dance and Actors College
ayane→Osaka Dance & Actors College

Others were unknown.

Even among the members whose birthplace is known, some are from high schools in Osaka and Hyogo.

Perhaps the group is composed of members from the Kansai area.

It seems that the group is still shrouded in mystery.

I have been seeing more and more of them in the media lately,

Perhaps the veil will gradually be lifted!


Introducing Avangardi’s most popular dance songs

Avant Garde is a dance group produced by choreographer akane (Akane Kiku).

Avant Gardie has danced to many famous songs, some of which are introduced below!

Classical masterpieces [Heaven and Hell】


I am sure everyone has heard this song at least once at an athletic event.

This is an 8-bit (electronic sound) version of “Heaven and Hell.

The movements of the song are very crisp and clear in 8bit.

I think such beautiful movements can be expressed only with the breath of the members!

Shut up

Ado’s debut song “Usoewa” is also danced.

The tempo of the song is very fast, but the dancer’s movements are so natural that you can feel no sense of discomfort at all.

It’s eerie, but it’s a good dance, so you can’t help but watch!

The Day the Seagulls Flew

Here is a famous song performed by Lavit this time.

The members’ facial expressions, as well as their crisp movements, are also remarkable!

They can also do acrobatic movements, which was amazing to watch.


Summary of Avantgardey member profiles and list of popular dance songs

1) What are the genders and true faces of the members of Avangardi?

2) Are the members of Avant Gardie from a high school in Osaka?

(3) Introduction of Avant Gardie’s classic songs

We have told you about these three points.

Avantgarde has been getting a lot of media exposure recently.

We will keep an eye on their future activities!



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