Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|How to get the blue feather and marriage event with the girl



Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|What is Marriage?

Girls you can choose to marry

There are only 5 girls you can choose to marry!






Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|What are the conditions for getting married?

① To make the heart of the girl you want to marry pink.

(Even if they are pink, but slightly, the affection level needs to be increased)

② The kitchen extension is being built.

③If conditions ① and ②are achieved, Rick’s store will sell blue feathers.

④ Purchase the blue feather.

(The price of the blue feather is 980 G.)

⑤ Use the blue feather to make a marriage proposal

⑥ If the proposal is accepted, the wedding will be on the following Sunday

Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|Requirements for a child to be born

① Making extra beds for the children

② Keeping his wife’s affection level

(Even after marriage, he continues to give gifts and other things to his wife to increase her affection level)

③ At the earliest, symptoms of pregnancy occur 30 days after marriage

④ The baby will be born after another 60 days.

At the earliest, the baby will be born on the 90th day of marriage!

Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|What if I don’t get pregnant?

If you do not get pregnant, you do not love your wife enough.

(Insufficient daily conversation with your wife, gifts, etc.)


Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|Requirements for rivals to get married

・The friendship level of the rival men (Gray, Cliff, Jeff, Kai, and Harris) is relevant.

・When the friendship level reaches the maximum, they get married.

・If the player is married, the rival will never marry.

If the player is married, the rival will not be married.

If they don’t get married, try to raise the friendship level by giving them gifts.

If they do not get married, try to raise their friendship level by giving them gifts, etc.

Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|About the babies of our rivals

・The reason why a rival marries and doesn’t have a baby,

・The reason is that your rival’s wife does not have enough affection for you.

・Give them gifts to make them friends.


Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|Populi


 Name: Populi
Birthday: 22nd of the spring month (the day before the Flower Festival)
Family: Basil of Flower Lilia and Lilia’s only daughter
Likes: Flowers and strawberries
Rival: Gray

Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|ELY


Name: Ely
Birthday: Birthday is the first day of the autumn month
Family: Signature daughter of Hana no Mei Cake Shop
Likes: Eggs and milk, big fish
Rival: Jeff

Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|Ran 


Name: Lan
Birthday: 14th of the summer month
Family: A cheerful girl from a green pasture
Likes: Potatoes, corn, wool
Rival: Cliff

Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|Marie 


Name: Marie
Birthday: 11th day of the winter month
Family: A shy girl who loves books Favorite
like: cabbage
Rival: Harris

Harvest Moon2 64 Switch|Karen 


Name: Potpourri
Birthday: 29th of the winter month (the day before the New Year’s Eve Festival)
Family: only daughter of a vineyard who wants to be a dancer in the city
Likes: strawberries, tomatoes, berries, tropical fruits, and mountain butterflies
Rival: Kai

Cautions: depending on the level of affection, he leaves town









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